"D" Rendezvous Mission Techniques Ground Rules, Working Agreements, and other things


On June 14 we cranked up the “D” Rendezvous Mission Techniques activities again. It was a grueling profitable day. In fact, we had such a good time we’ve scheduled another one for July 12.

Prior to the meeting I distributed a list of working agreements I thought we had reached previously. The crew presented another list dealing primarily with the docked LM activation/mini-football period based on a lot of planning and simulations they have been doing lately. The major part of the meeting was spent going through these lists. I have since compiled a new set derived from those - including the changes, agreements, and comments the discussion brought about. This list is attached and we can review it July 12. The last section lists some major discussion items still open. A list of action items is also attached since they help to paint the picture of our current status, which I would describe as being typically frantic.

Terms & Abbreviations


Lunar Module. Earlier it was known as the Lunar Excursion Module and abbreviated “LEM.” Even after the name change, it continued to be pronounced “lem.”