AAP Rendezvous Mission Techniques

In order to help solidify requirements for the AAP CSM computer program we are having a Mission Techniques type meeting on Tuesday, January 27 at 9 a.m., in Room 378 of Building 4. The specific subject to be discussed is the rendezvous phase of the AAP mission. The thing we are particularly anxious to pin down is the type of maneuver sequence we feel should be utilized, since that will define onboard programs required. It will also probably help clarify other aspects of mission planning such as crew procedures and onboard charts, trajectory and attitude profiles and even some hardware requirements such as the flashing beacon and VHF specification. A basic assumption, which I believe has been accepted without argument, is that a completely onboard capability for performing the rendezvous should be implemented since the ground support may be marginal. In fact, as a spin-off from this meeting, just how well the ground should be able to help with the rendezvous may become better understood.

This is a working session and attendance should be limited to people directly concerned with this subject.

Terms & Abbreviations


Apollo Applications Program.


Command-Service Module.