AAP CSM Computer Program Requirements meeting

I thought it might be fun to have an overall AAP CSM Computer Program Requirements meeting so we’ve scheduled one on Wednesday, January 28, 1970 at 9 a.m. in Room 966 of Building 2. At this time we would like to reach agreement upon a list of deletions which can be made to a particular mainline Apollo Colossus program established as the baseline. We would then like to identify all additions and/or modifications required to support AAP. This definition should be in the form of functional requirements although it should be advantageous to carry their definition to a fairly fine degree of detail when possible to do so. We are also anxious to understand just what these programs are going to be used for.

Based on the results of this meeting, the Flight Support Division of FOD will generate the formal requirements documentation to be forwarded to MIT for implementation and the program will be placed under configuration control as soon as possible - over two years before the flight!

Terms & Abbreviations


Apollo Applications Program.


Command-Service Module.


Flight Operations Directorate.


Massachussets Institute of Technology. In these memos, MIT is shorthand for the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, created and led by avionics pioneer Charles Stark Draper. It is now known as the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and became independent of MIT in 1973.